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"Reed and Underhill write their music together, and possess a pure, R&B-influenced vocal sound that makes the group stand out."

Hendersonville Times-News

“Their sound, described as “heartfelt country-soul”, has a foundation of Appalachian bluegrass and folk music overlaid with the harmonies of R&B. The song writing skills of both Molly and Eleanor are those of someone who can touch the core of your soul, speaking to emotions. It all comes together in a mixture that speaks loud but is soothing upon the delivery.”

Jeremiah Greer – Magazine33

“We shared the stage with Underhill Rose who played an amazing set, what talent! They’re another group I would love to play with again sometime.”

Jon Stickley –

“Underhill Rose has no doubt developed a sound stage presence, their sultry voices coupled with guitar and banjo resulting in unique listening experience.”

The Mountain Times

“Underhill Rose’s sound features a blend of Americana, rhythm and roots, bluegrass and soul music. The group is named for founding members Eleanor Underhill, lead vocalist, harmonica player and banjo picker, and Molly Rose, guitarist and lead singer, who have become known for their harmonies and multi-genre writing style. Salley Williamson rounds out this trinity as a backing vocalist and upright bass player.”

Jessica Pachler – The Capital Gazette

“...unless you've spent a night listening to them play their signature "heartfelt country soul" live or played their eponymous album at your last barbecue then, as the saying goes, 'You ain't heard nothin' yet!'”