We’re fresh back from Jacksonville, FL. where we shot multiple music videos and played two sets at the Underbelly. We had the opportunity of putting music to lyrics about a woman struggling with infertility called “Invisible Loss.” The process was pretty intense and we learned in the process that thousands of men and women wrestle with infertility and that there’s not enough emotional or alternative medical support out there for them.

Since we were all dressed up in front of a camera, we decided to shoot a video for Underhill Rose’s very own song, “Ecstasy,” (which I hope I am finally spelling correctly). Most of the footage was shot in an abandoned house. But there are also some great shots of Molly looking beautiful walking by a creek while the sun was setting. I was in the background playing banjo so she could sing along! Then to add a little spunk to the evening, I had everyone grab someone else’s instrument and sing lead to our recently recorded “Bare Little Rooms.” It was a whirlwind of a weekend and we are glad to be back in Asheville. Can’t wait to see the footage and put it together. Hopefully by the end of next month!