We have been on the road for the past year expanding our horizons, writing new tunes, and talking with fans about what they want in a new album. We think it is time to make all those hopes and dreams a reality again by creating Underhill Rose’s third record!

We are still in awe over the success we all enjoyed with our first Kickstarter-backed album, “Something Real.” Thanks to you, that creation charted around the world and was named a 2013 Top 100 Americana Music Association album. Your financial support made “Something Real” possible, and we cannot thank you enough.

With that being said, we need your help again. Throughout the process of making “Something Real,” we realized the true and unexpected costs of making an album. Even with your generous contributions, we needed another $7,000 to make the album. Luckily, we were able to come up with the money and make “Something Real” a reality. Now, we’re hoping our fans to can help us make up the difference. 

We have come up with some great rewards for you to enjoy in exchange for “backing” us. Each reward is named after one of our songs :). Take a look and see what trips your trigger. Hey, and will you tell your friends about us, too?

We can’t thank you enough for the love and support you have given our band. It means the world to us. We truly hope our music touches your life and makes it just a little bit sweeter.

Peace and love, 

Molly, Eleanor and Salley 
Underhill Rose

“Heartfelt Country Soul”