Molly Rose here :). First of all, Underhill Rose has been a little busy behind the scenes lately because I got married! It was a imperfectly perfect day, including rainbows, rain showers, and a surprise butterfly release. Eleanor did all of the beautiful wedding flowers (did you know she used to be in the flower business?), including my beautiful bouquet pictured below, and several of the arrangements were in beautiful vases borrowed from Salley. 

After a little time chilling out on the beach with my husband, I am back in action and SO EXCITED about our live recording next week! The band has never done anything like this before! We have been rocking out our tunes from our three full-length albums for a while now, and are pumped to capture the enthusiasm and rawness of our live shows in a recording. We will be recording two nights in a row, and doing two shows each night to capture the magic. 

With this recording, we have decided not to do a Kickstarter campaign but rather fund the album ourselves. That said, we figured that a live show would still allow our community of friends and backers to be a part of the process. Won’t you join us next week?