Hey Everyone!

We want you to help us create our next album. We three ladies have been traveling far outside of our Asheville, NC home, touring the Southeast over the past year, meeting great people, and writing new songs that we are so excited to share with you!

Eleanor Underhill and Molly Rose Reed collaborated in 2011 to bring you Underhill Rose’s first release. But this new album will be different. Salley Williamson will be adding the third harmony for the first time on a recording, bringing her upright bass and writing skills to the mix.

Our travels and experiences have inspired a crop of new songs that we would love to record, many of which we have already been road-testing at our live shows. As some of you know, Eleanor has won songwriting contests while Molly’s “Who Brought the Sun” is featured on City of Asheville’s tourism commercial. We feel that the new songs are fresh, inspired, and real, and we can’t wait to get them recorded.


If you’re ready for a new album then we’re ready to make it. We are planning to record in an amazingly-equipped studio called Echo Mountain in Asheville, NC with an exciting team of folks to help produce, engineer, and mix the album. Through your donations, not only will we be able to record in a great space with a wonderful team, but we can also get this music to even more fans across the country and around the world!

All of these great additions to the recording and marketing process do take funding. As they say, behind every great act is a great amount of…well, money ;). This is where you come in. And, we don’t expect you to walk away empty handed. Check out the donation tiers that we have proposed. The more you donate, the more you get. Do you want a copy of the album? What about some original artwork by all three ladies? Or, say, a show played at your house? Perhaps you want all of that, and your name as Executive Producer on our album. Great! Let’s get started…

As an added bonus, we will be releasing a new web video series called “Underhill Rose Under Cover” featuring some of our favorite cover songs. As we reach certain levels of funding, we will release a new cover song for anyone that has backed our project. This is your chance to hear our take on some great songs (there will be some surprises) that will put a smile on your face.

It has been a great year for us, and we thank you for your kind responses about our music and the support you’ve shown us thus far. When we decided that it was time to make the next album, we also decided to ask for your support. This is a step that will help ensure this album will be the best we have ever made. Truly, we can’t make this next album a GREAT one without you! Please donate and share this with your friends to help us continue to make the “heartfelt country soul” music you have come to love.

And, since it is the holiday season, your donation could bring a great gift to someone special.

Happy Holidays!

Underhill Rose

Photo courtesy of Daniel Coston.