ASHEVILLE, NC – August 9, 2011 – Underhill Rose, featuring Atlanta native and Grady High School graduate, Molly Rose and her banjo-picking, country soul sister Eleanor Underhill return to Georgia to celebrate the release of their self-titled, debut CD. The ladies bring their impressive harmony of Americana, bluegrass, R&B, and roots music to Little Tree Studios (2834 Franklin Street) in Avondale Estates on Saturday, August 27th – show time is set for 8:00pm.

Molly Rose and Eleanor will be coming off of their appearance at Matt Stillwell’s Shinefest in North Carolina and they are excited to be heading south for Georgia. “It’s so wonderful to return home and release the new Underhill Rose CD,” said Molly. “We recorded a good portion of the album right there and it will be great to come back and celebrate.” Eleanor also looks forward to sharing the bands new CD. “We are so proud to finally have a product that authentically represents us,” she said.

The new album, Underhill Rose, was mixed by Atlanta’s Cayce Cole Means and features 11 original songs that display the impressive harmonies the band has become known for.  Molly Rose’s soaring vocals capture the listener’s attention in the country tinged tracks “Who Brought the Sun” and “2000 miles,” and her soul-baring musicality is showcased in the ballad, “Bridge.”  Underhill’s profound lyrics and musical styling encompass the album, featuring her sultry, heart-wrenching choruses in “Westside” and “Happy.” The latter features Aaron “Woody” Wood on electric guitar. Eleanor Underhill’s talents are also encapsulated in the amusing tune, “Sugar Mama,” and the self-defining song, “Better Off Alone”. Rose takes the lead in the Underhill penned “Learn,” a track reminiscent of the storytelling melodies of the late 1950s and early 1960s. The pair place special attention on their joint vocal strength in “No More Demons.” It is proven that they can write in a style similar to the Daltrey-Townsend partnership with the tracks “Thunderstorms” and “Lonely Tonight”.

The pairing began in 2002 when Eleanor and Molly Rose met at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, N.C. “We were students who loved to sing,” said Eleanor. “We would gather with some friends in a stairwell at school and practice harmonies, now we do it professionally and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” The magnificent sound that formed in that college stairwell has helped earn the band a strong regional following.

Harmony, however, is not the only bright spot with these “heartfelt country soul” singers. “Our music is completely original,” said Molly Rose. “But we take our influence from great soulful women like Bonnie Raitt and Linda Ronstadt, not mention duos like Simon & Garfunkel.” A prolific writer, Eleanor says, “It all comes down to a beautiful melody, good lyrics, and heartfelt singing to make a great band.”

Tickets for the Underhill Rose CD release event at Little Tree Studios are $7 and available at the door. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit “Community to Kenya”. Copies of the new album, Underhill Rose, will be available for purchase at the show or can be downloaded now on iTunes.

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